Modern Slavery Act 2015 Compliance Statement 

At ATD Travel Services we know that all forms of modern slavery are reprehensible and in violation of fundamental human rights.  

Forms of modern slavery such as human trafficking, child labour, forced labour in poor conditions and unfair living wages are more common than most realise. We find this unacceptable and are committed to implementing policies and procedures that prevent all forms of slavery in our business. 

This not only applies to our direct business but to our entire supply chain, including all suppliers and partners worldwide. Our goal is to protect all members of our organisation from any form of slavery.

We aim to meet the highest standards and best practice according to the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 and have educated staff within our business to be aware of the signs and adhere to our zero-tolerance policy. 

Staff are encouraged to immediately bring to our attention any concerns they have about unethical behaviour, suspicious activity or any indication of slavery.

We sell over 1 million attraction tickets and holiday experiences annually and this is a responsibility we take very seriously. We carefully select the products that we sell and conduct due diligence on all suppliers before contracting them. We then regularly evaluate suppliers to ensure that their codes of conduct and values are aligned with ours. This includes ensuring that they all have their own measures in place to safeguard staff and suppliers against modern slavery and that their policies are as stringent as our own.

Any high-risk areas are identified and if necessary, we would terminate our relationship with a partner or supplier if we did not feel their treatment of staff was ethical. This would also be reported to relevant authorities. 

Our Product team specifically is well trained in this area as they undertake contracting and sourcing for all the products we sell. Our teams regularly visit many of the attractions we sell and are actively encouraged to report any areas of concern to us, without reprimand, so that appropriate steps could be taken.

Safeguarding procedures are outlined in our recruitment policy and employee contracts reflect the responsibilities of both employer and employee with regards to modern slavery.

Our employee intranet service has means for employees to make anonymous reports should they have any concerns about how they or their colleagues are being treated or with any general concerns. All such reports are treated with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality.

We monitor all feedback with regards to modern slavery and take steps if appropriate. Our policies are reviewed annually, and any trends or common areas of concern are dealt with as matter of urgency to ensure that no element of slavery is occurring within our business.

This statement has been made in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It constitutes the steps ATD Travel Services (Attraction Tickets Direct and has taken during the 2018 financial year to help prevent modern slavery. 

Oliver Brendon, CEO