On Tuesday 20th September Attraction Tickets Direct and Legoland Florida were delighted to host the travel press and other big industry figures at London's chic Soho Hotel. Attraction Tickets Direct were proud to be the official partners of the joint press event with Merlin Entertainment, which launched Legoland Florida to the UK travel press yesterday evening.

It is just twenty three days till Legoland Florida opens its gates to members of the public. Oliver Brendon, founder of Attraction Tickets Direct and John Jacobsen, Merlin Entertainment's Managing Director of Legoland, came together to address the press and answer their questions. The essence of the event was to ensure that Legoland Florida is on the pages of all the papers, on the tips of the tongues of the Floridian holidaymakers and a Legoland ticket an eventual staple of any Orlando family holiday.

In good style the night began with champagne and mingling, which was briefly followed by Oliver Brendon's opening speech. Oliver spoke frankly on the current state of the economy, its effect on the industry and most importantly,the UK Florida tourism; 'It's a tough market, however, there remains 1.3 UK visitors to Florida each year, which is a staggeringly high number and makes it the biggest long haul destination from the UK.' Oliver said. He went on to explain that the theme parks haven't stopped investing in themselves and that changes are being made constantly to make the wow factor more spectacular than before, giving holiday makers a reason to continue to choose Florida as their holiday destination over and over again.

'Legoland Florida is the latest example of massive investment. From my point of view, specifically targeting two to twelve year olds is a smart move and definitely widens the appeal of Florida.' Oliver said. Attraction Tickets Direct is particularly excited for the opening of Legoland Florida on the 15th October, and has no doubts that the theme park will fit in well in the theme park capital of the world. John Jacobsen spoke in more depth on the Legoland Florida appeal and assured Lego fans that Legoland Florida is the theme park to realise Lego fantasies.

The night continued with drinks, canopes and good conversation in a reception room adorned with large scale Lego figures, including an elephant, Obi wan Kenobi, a dragon and a £4000 polar bear. Attraction Tickets Direct is positive about adding Legoland Florida to its already thriving porfolio of Florida attraction tickets and would like to thank Gosh PR and the members of the press that made yesterday a pleasant and successful evening.

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