ATD Travel Services is delighted to declare its three year partnership with water aid charity, Just a Drop, a growing success. In 2010 ATD joined forces with Just a Drop to help relieve a poverty stricken region of Zambia by providing water supply solutions to government run school, Mulwazi Basic School.

The ATD Just a Drop partnership has commenced with its first project, the construction of a new water pump located on the school grounds, and is already proving to be just as constructive as expected. Despite Zambia’s rapidly increasing population, only 35-45% of Zambian residents have access to clean water. ATD supported this particular project by providing the funds for a reputable local drilling company to deliver a new borehole and hand pump. Since implementing the water supply solutions the school has witnessed a marked rise in attendance, an improvement in the health of students and a positive attitude amongst teachers.

Prior to the installation of these water facilities both the pupils and teachers of Mulwazi school were required to walk a tiresome 5km from the school grounds to access their nearest borehole. The consequences of the water facilities, or lack thereof, not only caused the school to struggle to maintain the attendance and retention of both staff and pupils, but severely put children’s health at risk with inadequate means for hand washing.

ATD’s endorsement of healthy and sanitised water provisions aims to kick start a future of further basic developments in this Zambian community. Commenting on the company’s involvement, Founder of ATD Oliver Brendon says, “We have partnered with Just a Drop as we can be certain that our money will go directly to a wonderful cause and have an immediate positive impact. Just a Drop is such a relevant charity for the travel industry and we are grateful to give something back to the communities and countries which host tourists from the UK and beyond.”

This is just one of many projects ATD plans to aid throughout the duration of its three year partnership with Just a Drop. Find out more about Just a Drop here.

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