ATD Travel Services is proud to reveal that further progress has been made with the company's joint venture with water aid charity Just a Drop. A borehole was recently drilled on the grounds of a Zambian primary school that has previously faced difficulties with long term water facilities, and is now producing water successfully. ATD and Just a Drop joined forces to provide easily accessible safe and sanitised water solutions to Mulwazi Basic School in Zambia.

In the preceding 'Latest News' project update, ATD Travel Services was overjoyed to learn that Mulwazi Basic School, a school located in the poverty stricken region of Zambia, Kaloma district, had its first water pump constructed on the school grounds. The water pump proved to be as advantageous as expected; a rise in pupil attendance has been documented since the pump has been functioning, an indication of healthier children, a healthier learning environment and a general positive attitude amongst teachers and pupils.

Today ATD is delighted with news from Zambia that the second part of the ATD Just a Drop project has been completed admirably. ATD Travel Services contributed funds that would enable Just a Drop to employ African Revival, a local reputable drilling company, to drill the borehole on Mulwazi's grounds. Both the borehole and the water pump are now providing the school and the community with long term clean and healthy water facilities, safe for drinking, washing hands and other such uses.

Prior to the ATD Just a Drop partnership Mulwazi Basic School's future was bleak. The school posed itself as a risk to the staff and pupils' well being due to poorly sanitised water or the absence of water provisions entirely. Mulwazi attendants, an educational institution with the capacity to school four hundred pupils, were expected to walk over five kilometres to their nearest water supply. Consequently, the school struggled to retain the attendance of pupils and the employment of teachers.

ATD Travel Services is elated to be part of a charity that gets to the root cause of the problem and seeks life changing solutions. By investing in two indisputably crucial components of the future, the children and the community, the project will provide young people with the fundamental tools to brighten their futures and enhance the community.

ATD is deeply appreciative for the opportunity to contribute to such an outstanding cause.

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