ATD Travel Services is delighted to share further developments with the Just a Drop and Attraction Tickets Direct joint venture that will implement healthy water supply solutions in four government run schools in southern Zambia.

In April 2013, work began on a Just a Drop project, sponsored by Attraction Tickets Direct and implemented by local partner The Butterfly Tree, that would bring a double pit latrine to Kamwi Basic School and an accessible, clean and safe water source to Kanimbwa Community School. This project was deemed urgent because both schools were facing closure due to the poor sanitary conditions and the lack of a reliable, clean and safe supply of water.

Kamwi Basic School

This phase of the project commenced with Kamwi Basic School , in Mukuni Chiefdom, which is in the Kazungula District of the Southern Province, Zambia. 274 pupils attend the school, 128 girls and 146 boys. Prior to the completion of the Just a Drop Attraction Tickets Direct project, there were just two toilets allocated to the girls and two for the boys. This was well below the standard sanitary requirements for the school, hence why the school was at risk of closure by the Ministry of Education.

Maintenance and Substainability

Prior to the application for funding, three meetings were held with the Kamwi Basic School PTA/WASHE Committee to discuss the sustainability of the project. With the news of Attraction Ticket’s Direct’s funding, the actual execution of the project was able to go ahead. The Water and Sanitation Committee then went about educating the community on hygiene matters and the preservation and maintenance of the sanitation facilities to be implemented.

Project Implementation

The local community has been actively involved with the project from the outset. It was essential that the local community participated in the design as well as the long term ownership and management. The location for the double VIP latrine was agreed to be placed in the safest and most convenient area. Patrick, an experienced local builder from Mukuni, was employed to construct the latrine. The local community also agreed to provide the building bricks, water and unskilled labour to help dig the holes.

The Result

The construction of the gender sensitive double latrine has been greatly appreciated by the pupils and teachers of Kamwi Basic School. The new facilities will make a tremendous difference to the general hygiene of the school and will help to prevent closure by the Ministry of Education.

Consequently, tackling poor hygiene, ill health and extensive queues for the use of the bathroom should increase pupil attendance and improve their general performance and happiness at school.

ATD Travel Services are proud sponsors of the Just a Drop charity and their work in Zambia, which will not only improve the health and education of children with the implementation of various water aid facilities, but also invests in the surrounding communities and offers sustainable and, ultimately, life-changing solutions.

Work is now underway to implement a borehole well to Kanimbwa Community School.

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